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Calderon’s Two Dreams                                     Prince of Darkness                           La MaMa ETC/ George Drance

Just Not That Woman                                          Solo                                                    Firehall Vancouver/ Sara Holdren

Juke (Reading)                                                      Ensemble                                          New Dramatists/ Danya Taymor

A Serious Banquet                                               Gertrude Stein                                 This is Not a Theatre Company/Erin Mee

This is How I Don’t Know How To Dance          Lydia                                                  SITI Company Cons /Leon Ingulsrud

Pool Play                                                                Various roles                                    This is Not A Theatre Company /Erin Mee

Thank You For Being A Friend                           Lead – Blanche                                  Darlinghurst Theatre/Thomas Duncan Watt

Dream Plays – It Ended                                      Co-Lead – Agent 1                             Traverse Theatre/David Greig

The Day the Sky Turned Black                          Solo show                                           Fringe NYC – SoHo Playhouse – Charleville – Edinburgh Fringe – Adelaide Fringe – FringeWorld Perth – Sydney Fringe – Old Fitzroy Theatre/ Adrian Barnes

Playing the Victim                                               Japanese Waitress                             Tap Gallery Sydney/Nastassja Djalog

Poppy                                                                   Lead – Sally Forth                                 Factory Space Theatre/Roz Riley

Midnite                                                                 Dora/Queen Vic/Judge                       New Theatre Sydney/Jennifer Monk

Vanity Fair                                                           Mrs O’Dowd / Mrs Crawley                Bristol Old Vic Theatre/Elwyn Johnson

August Osage County                                        Lead – Barbara                                      BOVTS/Sonia Fraser

LovePlay                                                              Anita/Mathilda                                     BOVTS/Kim Durham

Hayfever                                                              Lead – Judith                                         BOVTS/Paul Clarkson

Midsummer Night’s Dream                              Lead – Titania/Helena                          BOVTS/David Collins

Dianeira                                                               Lead – Dianeira                                     BOVTS/Elwyn Johnson



Actress Diaries                                                    Roberta Roberts                                  Web-series

Closet Cake                                                         Gwen                                                     Short Film

Chaos Corp                                                         Karen                                                     Short Film

Bain & Company                                                Business Person                                  Corporate video

Blind date                                                            Hayley                                                    Chris Overton

Informer                                                              Kate                                                        Alexander Fodor

Brigitta                                                                 Brigitta                                                   Elwyn Johnson



Conflicts on request


Voice Over/Vocal

Ferry Play                                                              Staten Island Ferry Tourist Erin Mee & Darron L West



SITI Company Conservatory (NY) graduate                                      Advanced Camera Technique – Justin McCarthy (NY)

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (UK) graduate                                 Camera Technique – Jonathan Mill & Aarne Neeme

On Camera Connections – Sandra Lee Patterson                          Chubbuck Technique – Anthony Wong

Improvisation – Magnet Theatre NY                                                 Advanced Playwriting – Hilary Bell


Special Skills

Accents: American (Standard, Californian, Southern American) Australian, British, Heightened RP, Dublin, Cockney

Movement: Stage Combat, Dance, Skiing, Swimming, Scuba, Rowing, Surfing, Viewpoints, Suzuki, Full Driver’s license


Awards & Grants

Excellence in Solo Performance – NY International Fringe Festival           Excellence in Performance – Sydney Fringe Festival

Peter Lehmann People’s Choice Award – Sydney Fringe                            Dame Joan Sutherland Fund

Ian Potter Cultural Trust                                                                                   Australia Council ‘Art Start’ Emerging Artists

Ali Kennedy Scott